Demanding a non-summarized RSS 27 September 2013

Since I heard about the t.v. series “The Newsroom” for the first time, I have been a big fan of it. I quickly idolized most of the characters, mainly Sloan and Will (MCAvoy) because of their knowledge and intelligence. I also learned the importance of the information, following (all) the news, including economy and world news, that’s why I am planning to read much more news from all over the world. And not just some RSS summaries, I’m talking about reading full-text articles from many many sources, of any subject (even sports — which I’m not so into so far).

Tonight I decided to read all the news from the Turkish alternative internet newspaper, I am already using Mozilla Thunderbird for reading my emails, so I decided using it for RSS, too.

But there’s a problem there! Almost all the websites I have known which has a feed (Atom, etc..) service, they provide “only” summarized feeds. How am I going to read the full-text then? I shouldn’t be forced to click a “click for more” link each time.

So I decided to write an RSS parser like I did before for my faculty’s ( announcement system and Selfpanel’s ( weather and exchange feeds. What I did was to retrieve a data from an HTML page or an XML feed, parse it and re-publish it as XML. Then I can use that new feed link I have created with services like FeedBurner to re-publish my newly created feed to the world. I have written all the code in one PHP file and used an external HTMLDomParser PHP library.