About My Website 27 November 2018

I would like to document some stuff about my website: how it works, how it is built and published, what does it contain, who is it for and etc.

How Is My Website Built & Hosted

  • My website is hosted in a private repository on GitHub. The reason why the repository is private is because there are some unlisted pages which I don’t want them to be directly accessible, only when I explicitly provive the URL to them. Otherwise I have nothing of private matter on my website that can possess a security threat (at least I hope so).

  • The name of the repository is yasinaydin.github.io and it is hosted under my github username yasinaydin. So it’s easy to guess that the full repository URL is https://github.com/yasinaydin/yasinaydin.github.io . I see no problem of giving away the URL since it is a private repository. I didn’t have to rename it this way to publish it on Github with a custom domain, since it can include a CNAME file. The reason why I did so is so unless specified otherwise (either on repository configuration or CNAME file), Github pages of all repositories under my username will be published as http://yasinaydin.net/$REPOSITORYNAME , which is very convenient. It is automatic subfolders for me :)

  • My website is built using Github Page’s default static engine Jekyll. It is not using any theme though, instead I created my own theme (kinda) so it will be flexible. I have plans to improve the UI and/or use a proper UI framework.

  • My yasinaydin.net domain is hosted behind Cloudflare, using caching, SSL proxy and HSTS. HSTS ensures that all subdomains require SSL/HTTPS to reach. It also provides Always-Online feature in case Github is down or there’s a page build error. DNS addresses are also provided on Cloudflare. I am using CNAME Flattening, meaning the @ record of the domain is also using CNAME to Github pages. Cloudflare supports that and I am happy with it :)

  • On a side note, my domain is registred from Gandi which provides free whois privacy and DNSSEC.

For Who is My Website?

  • I primarily built my website for myself to publish my public contents like blog posts and for anyone interested in my profile/cv. I want my website to be the primary source of information for anyone seeking information about me.

  • Since most of the blog posts are technical, I am also happy to share them with public: wishing it would be helpful to someone else.

  • With the new version (2018-Q3), I started properly indexing and publishing my technical notes, like my Arch Linux setup, which was initially created for myself.